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Learn How to Represent Yourself or Your Clients Before the IRS
by G. Constantine Tannous, a Former IRS Agent

No Prior Experience Necessary. Go in Business for Yourself, or,
Expand Your Practice, or, Learn and Represent Yourself! Bottom Line, Make Money, or, Save Money!! Plus Receive an Entire Listing of Your Business for an Entire Year. Look to the Right!

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Are you a CPA, Enrolled Agent, an Attorney, a Tax Professional? Or, Are You Someone Interested in Learning the Ends and Outs of the IRS and Want to Enter a New Profession?

Join IrsTaxUniversity.com and learn how to represent your clients before the IRS on IRS audits, wage levy releases, IRS lien releases, the submission and acceptance of an IRS offer in compromise, IRS employment audits and the 100% penalty assesed against corporate officers, IRS appeals, IRS Practitioner Priority Service, Innocent Spouse, the preparation of unfiled tax returns, and how to market your practice. Increase your income by thousands upon thousands of dollars!


Did you know: An IRS Audit, for example, could take 40, 60, 80, or even 100 hours and more, and at $150 per hour or more you could be making $4,000, 6000, 8000, 10,000, or even more from just one case.

To file back years tax returns at a minimum of $150 per year for a simple return, and I have done as many as ten years many of times in just one hour could make you $1500!

An Offer in Compromise could make you $750, $1500, and more in a few hours once you know how to agvertise for it and how it's done.!

Learn and just follow what I teach. The cost is nothing in comparison to what you can make!

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Represent Yourself!

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Study our materials and enter the professional business of IRS representation. Help others and make money for yourself. Join Now

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In her memory. Linda passed away in February of 2015.

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